The First Cause

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Year 2066, 20 years after the first 39-45 nuclear war, the humanist continent is again attacked by a group of religious fanatics.

Through an international politico-religious conflict, the author proposes a futuristic painting, both social and spiritual, of a modern humanist society where philosophy has replaced theology.
All the characters in this story are fictional, but they are symbolic as this story, which is set in the near future, rather seems to take place in the recent past … A bit like an eternal return …

Entirely composed of dialogues, this philosophical tale is like movie imaged by Benoît Delmelle.

Script : Marc Charbit – Illustrations : Ben D.
Album paperback, hardcover, size 21×30 cm, 96 color pages, 55 large-format illustrations.
Publisher Agence M – ISBN: 979-10-94300-02-2.
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